Krzysztof Malczewski

Krzysztof Malczewski was born in 1980 in Zamosc. In 1999-2005 he studied at the Faculty of Arts University in Lublin, majoring in Graphic.
Deals mainly with the drawing, and the resulting sketches very often become the basis for the work performed in other media.
He is an artist moving in area of figuration and – as he describes himself – he is not satisfied with the pure formalism of works, but pays special attention to the transmitted content. In his field of activity he applies a few creative methods that complement each other.
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2016 – Międzynarodowe Biennale Grafiki Cyfrowej – Gdynia
2013 – Icon Data 2013
2012 – Grand Prix Młodej Grafiki Polskiej – Kraków
2010 – Künstler aus Polen – Art Station, Zürich
2010 – International Print Network, Multiple Matters – Künstlerhaus Wiedeń
2009 – Grand Prix Młodej Grafiki Polskiej – Kraków
2006 – Wschodni Salon Sztuki – Lublin
2003 – Biennale Grafiki Studenckiej – Galeria Arsenał, Poznań