The Local Promotion Center is a company operating in the local involvement industry which means that it is not only focused on the implementation of its commercial goals, but wants to use the methods typical for the private market to achieve the public good. In the selected market area, the company focuses primarily on promoting local uniqueness both in Poland and around the world. Its aim is also to awaken the local awareness.

The company’s modest office is located in the village of Izbica. That is why the original idea was to focus exclusively on the area of Izbica and eight neighboring communes, which constitute the natural and closest environment. The municipalities of: Izbica, Rudnik, Gorzków, Krasnystaw (x2), Kraśniczyn, Skierbieszów, Stary Zamość and Nielisz constitute the basic area of ​​the company’s activity – at least in its current form. Ultimately, however, we hope that the boundaries of the Lublin Province will became the boundaries of the Local Promotion Center.

The company’s policy assumes absolute commitment to the implemented projects. In practice, this means that the company will actually check what it promotes. This is a special kind of honesty, which is about agreeing our actions with beliefs and intentions. This goes hand in hand with the conviction that we live in a time when people have a deep need of personal cohesion. It also means that, according to social comparisons, we give up thinking because it conflicts with real values. We want to implement our innovative approach mainly by focusing on people. We want to feel the identity, the individuality, distinctiveness and value, which in this region often does not go hand in hand with financial satisfaction. We want to see the people of the region in the dimension of their own uniqueness.

The Local Promotion Center brings a new quality to the market. It is above all, a unique advertising agency and an unusual art gallery, which makes it a kind of cooperation platform for all of the creative people from the region. The wide range of activities makes the company an interdisciplinary center that uses the potential present in the natural interpenetration of certain areas of visual culture.

As a company, we are aware of the need to develop a variety of strategies. This means that there must be options for development, for creativity, experimentation and dreams, as well as survival options, where you need to observe the needs and demands of the market and firmly tread on the ground. Within its activities, the company will not only combine passion with earning, but also wants to support such aspirations in other people. Therefore, the Local Promotion Center is eager to cooperate with any creative person from the region .

We do not want to deal only with our narrow specializations, but we perceive the whole industry as a great related mechanism in which, in order to achieve the best possible results, competition must be replaced with cooperation within particular specialties. By joining people who share similar values ​​and investing in human skills, we want to implement the inter-human paradigm of interdependence. We hope that this will encourage people to combine their talents in order to expand their capabilities and ultimately result in a surprising synergy.

Another idea of ​​the company is the belief that the market should meet customer’s real needs. In this way Local Promotion Centre is part of civic consumerism trend. We also want to instill within the locals, the ethics of care, which could be expressed by local economic patriotism. Perhaps there will be a rebuilding of community ties of once-true villages that have been damaged by the culture of urban consumerism.

The Local Promotion Center is an idea company. All the solutions based on the above principles clearly contrast with the common practice and the way of thinking of mass culture. The most important thing, however, is that the ideas that guide us could not exist in a value system deprived of Christian God.