Fairy tale about Karski in Izbica. Intro

Tłumaczenie nieprofesjonalne z automatycznego translatora Non-profesjonalizm translation from an automatic translator Long, long time ago, behind seven mountains, behind seven forests… Oh no! Not so long ago and not so far away – in December 2017, a monument was erected here in Izbica with an inscription saying that there was a “transit ghetto camp” in …

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Cursed soldiers: Roman Szczur, pseudonym “Urszula”

Today we are celebrating the National Day of Remembrance of Cursed Soldiers. On this occasion, the Institute of National Remembrance organized many events throughout Poland, but as you can see on the map available on the IPN website – Izbica and its surroundings were mysteriously omitted. My efforts can not be washed into mass events, …

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Battle of Wojda

On December 30, 1942, the battle of Wojda took place in the Zamość region. The reason was the intensification of the displacement of the inhabitants of the Zamość region. The partisans defeated a German battalion for special tasks. The battle also initiated many actions that the Polish Underground State undertook to defend the local population. …

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